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Cat 1-2 Ton Mini Excavators

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Overview of Cat® 1-2 Ton Mini Excavators

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Daily Maintenance on Cat® 1-2 Ton Mini Excavators

Cat 6-10 Ton Mini Excavators

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Overview of Cat® 7-10 Ton Mini Excavators

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Daily Maintenance on Cat® 6-10 Ton Mini Excavators

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Stick Steer on the Cat Next Generation Mini Excavator

Moving around the job site is even easier with the Stick Steer mode on the Cat® Next Generation Mini Excavators. Easily switch from traditional travel controls with levers and pedals to joystick controls with a push of a button.

Attachments That Max Out Your Mini Excavator

A Cat Mini Excavator is a real workhorse. It’s capable of handling countless jobs, particularly when equipped with Cat Attachments engineered with this machine in mind.  

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Monitor Your Equipment

with the Cat App

This fleet management tool makes it easy to track your machines with real-time access to data, right on your mobile device.

Parts & service at carolina cat

COMMITTED to keep you up and running, always.

Parts Reference Guide

Browse all maintenance, wear and potential part numbers required for your Mini Excavator in the first 3,000 hrs of operation.

Order Parts

Get 24/7 access to information on the Cat parts, tools and materials you need to get the job done and order them online.

Preventative Maintenance Kit

Save time, money and prevent failure with this bundled kit, equipped with everything you need to get the most profit out of your new machine.

Our Services

Following a regular preventative maintenance schedule and allowing us to perform regular service is the best way to ensure your equipment is ready to go when you need it.  

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Build a Preventative Maintenance Plan

Preventive maintenance is one of the most effective ways to keep operating costs under control. Together, we can create a Customer Value Agreement tailored to fit your business needs, ranging from simple PM Kits to sophisticated Total Cost Performance Guarantees. As your partner, we will provide you a preventative maintenance plan to ensure your new machine stays up and running.  

Just want your machine to be serviced at this time? No worries! We have a la carte PM Service options to fit your budget.

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Equipment Management 

Stay on top of monitoring, maintenance and repair costs without adding headcount, potentially freeing up resources for other jobs.


Productivity Services

Use every asset to its potential, train every operator and supervisor to get the most out of the equipment, and design every jobsite for optimum efficiency.


Safety Services

Understand the risks of fatigue, distraction and unsafe actions, then take steps to mitigate them and build a safety-first culture at your company.


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